PS, I blog you.... you-oooh you-oooh you

> I also hadn't thought of the solo Ambient Black Metal > project I have been working on and tweaking for the past > three years. I have loads of lyrics written, some sonic > ideas, etc., but I haven't recorded a single note. Now, > with GarageBand, I likely could do that. More than likely > I would use a Midi keyboard as the input. So, I will > definitely do this in time. That isn't to say I will know > what the hell I am doing, but I CAN do this ;)

Oooh! Definitely looking forward to!

Kinda makes me wish I could share the song spoofs I've recorded over the years... but methinks they kind of give a way a bit too much real identity. It bothers the hell out of me I have to think that way, but I've been on somewhat stalked/doxxed before, so. I mean, if you can try to imagine others possibly concluding I'm annoying.... ;–)

I also recorded/produce an entire CD of mostly original material, wow, back in the 1990s on a 16-track machine I had back then. Things weren't nearly as easy then. But I prevailed, and it holds a special place in my heart, especially for the lyrics often being so “well-concealed autobiographical” to me – as in I know what they refer to, but others probably wouldn't.

(I still have that machine, BTW... it has a kind of clunky – i.e. something you can actually hear operating/spinning – hard drive in it. Can't imagine turning that baby on again. But maybe I'll actually live to retire someday, and finally have time for such re-visitations.)

The latest work meeting went sorta maybe kinda well. One of the three is easily the most “heart worn on the sleeve” of us, which can get a little annoying, given how easily it is to misinterpret passionate opinion expression as judgement – especially what it has (or is merely easy to imagine it having..) an accompanying “What the fuck kind of idiot are you, anyway?” tone.

But, whatever. We're a bit more in sync, and I'm better remembering why we made some of the decisions we did on the topic half a year ago.