Pressing the elevator key labeled 'B'

Always good to take a walk on the introspective side with yourintrinsicself!

Here are a few ways I've learned to disaggregate myself for reflection:

“The Greek Ideal” = Mind, Body, and Spirit

P.I.E.S = Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, and Spiritual

3D personality = Clint (serious), Gandhi (loving), and Curly (funny)

Thoughts, Emotions, and Sensations

Thinking brain, Wise heart, and Instinctive gut

How do you prefer to think of the many dimensions of yourself?

For “me”, “self” seems to be a notion “I'm” in the habit of assuming exists (the way, say, a banana does (or is it seriously merely “seems to?”)), yet although “I” can think about it 666 ways to, “I” remain unable to literally find it.

(Which, of course, can't help but make “me” wonder if it's a notion on par with the so-called – and somewhat (depending on what you've read) proverbial – “Barren Woman's Son”....)