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> Not referencing those who are victims of violence – > that is different. I am referring to many I see (online, > offline, communicate with IRL and correspond with > digitally) who always have a bone to pick about this or > that. People who are otherwise kind and cordial to your > face, who know how to be pleasant and kind – but give > those fxxx'ers an account on the Internet, and may all > Hell on Earth let loose for those who cross them.

I guess I fall into that category too often – not that I set out to do it.

How to explain?

I guess when I really think about it, it's that my “craw” slowly degenerates into the online thing never quite rising to what I imagine it could be. And I'm impatient as fuck.

But I should know better after all these decades to expect what I bring to “do it” for others to the point of volley.

> And this, this is the Golden Reason why I never use social > media (anymore). It's a hate fest that everyone thinks > they have to participate in.

I quit Facebook quite a while ago, basically a day or two after an exchange (I want to say it (then?) was in an “off the timeline” place in Facebook for longer form interaction), in which a guy from high school a couple years older than I (whom I was really happy to have met again) was relentless in mowing me down over a few political opinions – which, interestingly enough, eventually morphed more in the direction of his point(s) of view.

(I'm vaguely remembering the “timeline” shifting from being purely time-based to whatever was better for their advertising revenue playing a role in my disappointment as well.)

Being a sort of mathematical inverse of longform, Twitter never did anything me to begin with.