Out of braincells, and about

I'm wondering if this should have some consequences for how media report on rumours.

Seems to me the media is (haha per below) rumors we all but a few of us pretend not to be rumors.

My gosh, where has The Adventures of the Invisible Clown been my entire life? This offering thereby suggests the author ain't no Bozo.

Here, Marco Davi asks:

It’s almost a bit like asking if light is a particle or a wave?

Which, okay, I'm driving from Marco's topic. But isn't agonizing over what “is” often the beginning of settling for far less than reality, well, wordlessly “is”, for surely “is” is (haha) the most ridiculous oversimplification evar.

Hangover is (haha) somewhat of a factor this morning.

From Personal Values:

I generally hold certain values near to my heart and mind. The list sometimes shifts; but generally they are curiosity, love, faith, authenticity, and abundance.

For me, it's far and away solitude, then probably integrity.

Are any of your values rooted in fear?

Yes, integrity, as we all know the kind of havoc lying pieces of you-know-what can wreak in one's life.

But I guess solitude too, as I honestly fear having to listen to people that talk endlessly, poorly, and boringly. I literally just want to scream when someone doesn't seem to notice they're not letting anyone else talk.

(Unless their name is Kate Beckinsale, of course.... <cough>)