One post, I don't know why, it doesn't even matter how hard you blog

> So, on this day, I shall finalize and submit my letter of > retirement and devote full attention to beginning the next > chapter of life.

Very happy to mentally share said moment!

> Living vicariously, saying you (or I) “know” something > because it happened on TV, read it on the Internet, > etc. is categorically false. You can have TRUST that a > thing happened, and that there is TRUTH in that TRUST, > but the genuine act of KNOWING anything takes more > legwork. More experience. More perceptual stimuli and > sensory stimulation.

Damned nicely put!

> To what end do I remember? Always and ever to my own > end. Never ever somebody else's. I either give, or I'm > forced to be given over. I either accept this, or I end > my life as I am, here and now.


> It's 55F outside right now, middle of January, what the > fuck? I enjoy these temps though, tbh.

Nice! Got to all of 38F here, today. But I'll take that over precipitation cozying up to below freezing any day.

> Obviously, some of these require explanation to make sense > at all.

We gots nothing but time betwixt the pixels, here... so I do look forward to any/all elaboration!

> Anyway, just relaxing this eve. Warm day (for Jan), and > another warm one tomorrow. Sunny tomorrow, too. Looking > forward to it :)

As do I your next installment!