Oh post and post, and post and post (my blog keeps growing like swollen moan)

Okay. Fifteen minute before three-day weekend liftoff. Systems looking mostly go.

Probably start at our favorite winery, although it's going to be on the blustery side outdoors at 52F. They'll have outdoor heaters, but:

<poorly executed pseudo-poetry deleted>

<next day>

Strong simulation fumes, of late.

(But before getting to that, Erykah Badu came to mind for the first time in ages before we left, yestersday, so we enjoyed a few of her amazing songs from her glorious “Baduizm” album whilst my wife got ready for a real world appearance....)

Yesterday we wound up – after the aforementioned winery – at the brother/sister-in-laws I wrote about a couple posts back. As always, they talked endlessly, hardly even pretending to listen. I realized this morning that's why I wind up blathering on here, because IRL most people seemingly can't shut the fuck up. And I guess that's pretty much the same here, but at least it's easily enough tuned in/out. And at least I can pretend a couple others might be reading/listening.

Oh, and FWIW, I beat him all seven pool games he challenged me too... and that was completely blown off my ass on the Jameson he kept pouring me (see also: The Saving Grace).

> Today not much different happened other than the usual > malarkey

But at least 'malarkey' is a cool word, amirite?

> I'm 36 now, we'll see where this goes.

There's a four-letter word that sums up the physical aspect pretty well....

> Wave 2 of my affordable poster series, “Capitalist > Realism”, is now available!