Oh blog water, keep on postin'

Still more new snow this morning. Ungodly beautiful in the trees. Still casts a bit of a pall on the day for requiring actual real physical work attention – not that the labor is unwelcome so much as the implication of attention deprivation in other directions.

I still can hardly believe we live here.

Thinking back to yesterday's interview, was I merely imagining occasional, irrepressible twinkles in the interviewer's eyes possibly suggesting I was coming across as what they're looking for?

Damn, and now the wait. So much waiting in this world. And knowing it could be nearly instantaneous were it not for the humans only exacerbates. (exacerbastes?)

> “While we focus on results, fulfillment is found in > the process.”

'Tis as true as it is easy to forget while in a bright-shiny-results-objects coma.

That interview also had me realizing how poorly things went in my current position. I – or they, really – really should have insisted they spend time giving me a feel for being a student, being a “mentor”, being a teacher, and whatever other roles are prevalent in the systems I'm supposed to be integrating. Without that understanding, I'm basically trying to fulfill little isolated chunks of need as presented by my manager – isolated from bigger-picture-meaningful context, which leads to gobs of frustration whilst considering software solutions. False (for not being able to imagine any better) assumptions city. Painful rework and refactoring guaranteed, along with feelings of stupidity for not having gotten it right the first time... although I'm not sure how I could have without the aforementioned context.