Now takes a bow

> I think its much better to get a basic blog somewhere. I > use Write.As now because it provides this blank slate of > a canvas where I can create.

I like the clean interface too.

But the fact of the matter is I hardly see it, because I compose offline in vim – because vim's where I belong.

Once I'm satisfied with the content, I run a script that appends the latest to another file, and puts the same in a singular file that I can quickly display in the browser (for a subsequent Ctrl-a/Ctrl-c) via Ctrl-o while parked in a blank tab, then pasting the copied into the buffer presented at by virtue of being perpetually logged in.

<mental note to eventually have some milk with those cookies>

Like I think I mentioned before, I'd API it into place, but just can't see paying that much more when a few keystrokes from time to time suffice.

Mostly, I rather like the cast of characters, their regularity, and (although this drove me nuts for a few months before I somehow finally “got it” (i.e. blogging)) their seeming aloofness to others' posts and/or detachment from whether anyone else is reading. It feels like adults going about their textural business.

> I just read “Mike's Thoughts” (a blog I adore) and am > thinking about how often I have moved in my life. About > how I, too, am more or less living out of a 40L backpack > (even though I am “static” and don't move very > often anymore). I am thinking about why I moved so much, > what I did in fact get out of it, and if I will ever be > “SLOWmadic” again.

Having painstakingly listed them all for a dear high school friend less than a month ago, I can type with relative certainty I've endured 22 stays in my life – a couple times returning to the same place (e.g. the parentals) in that count.

> Tired if Instagram. Tired of Facebook. Tired of > Twitter. Tired of Slack. > > Just... Tired.

           "When in ennui... *write*!"
                          - Anon

> I decided I was sick of looking at the RPi and mostly the > enormous monitor perched on my desk that took up 40% of > that desk, so I unplugged the monitor and put it in the > walk-in closet. The Pi remains, because currently it is > the only way to charge the (near-useless) iPhone. This > “dance” with buying new products because old ones > were sold to me not as advertised or just don’t plain > work at all is getting REALLLLY fucking old. Technology > is getting really fucking old. I want to be content with > just HANDwriting offline and be done with it.

Oh, all deities combined, yes....

But then I suddenly remember I have a stack of paper notebooks of various kind – including the royal, spiral bound lineage – in the lowest sector of the Ikea standalone closet next to m place in bed, and I never look in them anyway. And maybe I will someday. But I doubt it.

It turns out now is too important to waste it on then....