Not at all sober, but

Totally with ya, Here Is Distant Is Distant on Sober Thoughts.

Not at all related except for the air being chewy humid today, but we rearranged both the living room and where the home offices are. That was after a work day that included taking some free advice from an HVAC guy (is it okay to type “guy”? or should I have typed “person”? last thing I need is a moderator-imploring firestorm..) that had the central air working for about four hours, but then fizzling back to putting out nothing but warmth. I sprayed that motherfucker with the garden hose inside and out, fetched leaves an less identifiable objects from the depths of the within.

And now the back deck, typing with a Marlboro red in the right hand, listening to “Take The Long Way Home”, oh my fucking God from the year of high school graduation.

Wish y'all could see the backyard my beautiful partner has created.