No, I... don't wanna fall in blog.. with you

> So, in society, do I view myself as a productive member > OF it? No. Do I view myself that feels like things (in > society) are working FOR me, in my favor? No, again. But > I know this – the WORLD is happening FOR me, not TO me, > and just because there is pressure to be XYZ citizen in > the world doesn't mean I have to be that citizen. I can > be whoever I want to be. Do whatever I want to do. Things, > material possessions, approval of others – these things > I could give two shits about. And this is just the way I > want to live.

What remains fascinating to me is how quickly it's forgotten that a whole lot of what these days is considered anathema – yea, even to the point of far-less-than-peacefully “protesting” against it – is what makes the freedom to do that possible. The wisdom about not biting the hand that feeds comes to mind.

Kind of a rough mental/physical day after proverbial “too much fun” last night. But what are ya gonna do, right?

A gout bout started coming on in the left-ring finger hand knuckle last night. It's a little better now, but will keep me from enjoying some meat on homemade pizza over at a friend's house, tonight. But he said he'd make a veggie one just for me, so aren't I special?

Work going much better today in the aftermath of some operations clarification from the manager late yesterday afternoon.

New fence going up on the east border of the property, today.

The second house purchase isn't going too well. In addition to the sellers dragging their feet on remedying a septic system situation per county standards, the bank is having a heck of a time getting a useful appraisal due to the property having more than one dwell-able units on it. The loan officer said that put it in a sort of “white elephant” status relative to other properties in a reasonable radius of the area. I'm starting to believe it's just plain not going to happen. Hardly the end of the world, but we put some serious dreaming into the possibility – not to mention blew $600 on an inspection (he says as his faith in other people plummets to new depths...).

I've suddenly a real hankering for Chris Isaak's “Wicked Game”....