Nibbling poetic carrot tops

> “To awaken to our origin prior to ego is the subtle > flavour of zazen.” > > We have feet, but we're not our feet. We have personality > traits, but we're not our personality traits. The > transformation that Zen practice brings isn't a tweaking > of our quirks, an attempt to change — improve! — > our personality. It's no longer identifying with that > personality. We don't have to identify with our own > personality traits any more than we identify with someone > else's.

Boom. Not sure I've ever seen it stated better – inasmuch as it could be stated, of course....

> I slept great last night. Amazing what turning the heater > off before I go to bed does for my sleep. I am definitely > a cold sleeper.

Same for partner and I. How I ever slept clothed in previous incarnations astounds me.

> the rabbit asks, “why are you here?” > > i answer, “i walked through the doors.”

In a sort of lightly twisted nod to my childhood do I feel compelled to add:

The rabbit replied: “What's up, monk?”

> photograph. 5 may 2018

You know... slight hints of the vicinity of my shower drain when thoughts of cleaning begin to seep to mind....

> i think of poetry more often than not. while i stopped at > a corner of a blossom-covered street, i spied two young > sparrows ripping leaves off a small plant. at a downtown > square, a child chased pigeons into traffic where two > were killed by cars. a woman walked down the street > while talking on a cell phone erupted in laughter. i > thought about the woman my grandmother used to be before > alzheimer’s altered her brain. this is all poetry.

'Tis a blessed curse, is what I want to type... but certainly more the former than the latter.