My kind of Thursday

Dang pleasant day: worked from outdoors all day (absolutely perfect weather for it), top 'o the game at work, off work tomorrow.

About the only frustration was wondering how I wound up with a stray background tmux session in my cygwin environment on one of the work virtual machines. I could seemingly kill the process, and 'ps' reported it gone, but subsequent attempts to run tmux kept hanging. Naturally, I assume some Windows fuckery near – if not at – root cause. Hopefully rebooting cures it – although I won't bother checking until Monday as the three-day weekend is already upon me.

So for now I smoke a Swisher Sweet whilst sipping an interesting peachy alcohol concoction my wife put together a little while ago. We're off to a wine bar with friends shortly – hopefully to discover outdoor seating, as there's no way I'm hanging out indoors.