Miso happy

> Inquiry, that message's for you

<looks around the way one might after hearing an inexplicable sound>

> It feels like sending a bottle in the ocean. It's a fun > feeling too. It's usually so simple to contact someone on > the web, there's always a link somewhere, a twitter handle, > an email. But for you Inquiry I couldn't find anything!

Huh, yeah, “Inquiry” has just the atomic-dimensionally thinnest shaving of relationship to any previous “identity” this author may have created in the last, oh (and holy shit..), 32 years. Apart from an email account, I'm essentially here and only here – “essentially” because, yeah, a while back I felt pangs of thinking this tilde.club thingie/placie might be fun. (And it is kind of fun... but – once again in “these times” – yet another lonely perch.)

> Anyhow. When I first discovered this place, over a year ago > I suppose, I was baffled to see that some people actually > read what others are saying.

I guess I'd been so out of the online loop that I wasn't merely baffled, but shocked that the “super highway” so highly billed for a couple decades as what would bring us all together wound up becoming not too different than a toll road populated with desperate egos daily scratching out new black-magic-marker-inked cardboard signs essentially begging for a pittance of attention.

> Even crazier: reply to them in the “bottle in the > ocean” way. You definitely were one of these – I wanted > to thank you for that and for showing me that simple, > meaningful engagement with strangers on the internet is > more meaningful than 20 followers that press a like button.

The joy was mutual!

If you feel like it, you are invited you for a virtual wine (whisky?) session in that virtual pub!

Thank you!

> quasitine (quasi-quarantine)

Love it!

> Do people still read this blog???

Only several times a day.