Look at all these little kids, takin' care of the write.as biz

> my friend (the same one who made the Sgt Pepper tape for > me in 96) was once the KSHE95 “Listener of the Day” > for this reason or that that very same year. He was pretty > pumped and got a t-shirt, stickers, etc. But, we used to > dial-in via rotary phone at 2 AM to request music in the > early-90s and try to find the most obscure songs we could > to see if they would play them, and they always would! I > even still remember the phone # for KSHE (which I will > not post for privacy reasons).

I wanted to be a DJ pretty badly as a kid, to the point of obtaining a cheap AM (radio band) transmitter from Radio Shack, and figuring out how to direct feed stereo outputs into it. Grant it, its reach was maybe a couple houses away from ours, but the imagination Mister Rogers told us about made it seem way better than that.

Lotsa rain in these parts, the last 24 hours. Loving it.

Employee review, today. A pair of utterly independent bearers of conceptuality disease shall pretend to understand each other. They won't, but they'll become convinced they do by the power of re-petition making re-al.

That probably doesn't sound like it makes much sense to you.


I guess that's where I oscillate between this blogging activity seeming fun, and seeming like a complete waste of time. No one will ever understand what I do, the way I do, for their bout with conceptuality disease will have developed independent of mine, leading to gobs of different meanings, meaning nuances, and important concept interconnects. We could use the same words pronounced exactly the same, but meaning remains utterly personal.

In a way, it seems a miracle we're not in a perpetual state of war given that state of affairs' conduciveness to misunderstanding.


Review session with the boss went fairly well. It would seem they still like me.