Likely deeply-misunderstanding-based commentary

“There must be a underlying reason,” responds Colin Walker, “why someone writes a blog rather than senselessly throwing the literary equivalent of faeces at social networks.”

I'm pretty sure “faeces” aren't too picky about textural presentation context.

The response to the death of Alec Holowka throws this double standard into razor-sharp relief. The harassment of Quinn and others has nothing to do with concern for Holowka and his family and everything to do with making examples of women and queer people who dare to speak out. The message is clear: Men’s mental health matters more than women’s. Men’s suffering and self-loathing is treated as a public concern, because men are permitted to be real people whose inner lives and dreams matter. Who cares, then, how many women they destroy along the way?

The only clear message I'm getting from this is it's what someone believes, which may or may not map to any kind of reality outside their mind.

Today I sent somebody to their death. Knowingly, I gave him the smallest push and now he's underground. That's what I do to people. I kill them. It's not to please me, but the fuzz in the back of my head I've had since my eighteenth birthday. Two wasps flew into my mouth and ended up flapping themselves a home below my brain.

At first they were quiet, only piping up occasionally to laugh at me or tell me I'm wrong. It seems obvious when I put it like that, but at the time it seemed harmless. I know now I shouldn't have trusted them, nor allowed them further in. I guess it's my fault then that they are even in a position where they can buzz buzz until I kill kill.

Please help.

I'm here for you! ;–)

Not for nothing, but if after Joi Ito's confession to an “error in judgment” you went ahead and signed this statement of support (for fuck's sake, was that the Peter Gabriel?), you've got some questionable judgment of your own. It doesn't matter if after the New Yorker revelation that Ito is a lying sack of shit you suddenly wanted your signature struck-through (although partial credit for being willing not to have your signature simply memory-hole'd). Your judgment failed either in supporting him to begin with even after it was clear he'd knowingly maintained ties to Epstein at all, or in not being smart enough to hold your tongue until you knew whether or not another, worse, shoe was going to drop. Being on that list should be considered a red flag, regardless of what you said or did once Ronan Farrow reported just how bad it was.

One thing is certain: it's hard as flip to beat watching others melt down in public!