I've got the power – NOT

I'm attempting to learn me some Microsoft Powershell...

... which seems to be yet another mess of Microsoftian proportions.

My first hope was to exercise a RESTful API.

Looking into how that might be done led me to Invoke-RestMethod.

But of course it doesn't seem to provide a reasonable means to examine the http status code.

That lead me to Invoke-WebRequest, which does provide semi-reasonable http status code access.. but of course there's disagreement on whether one is a superset of the other.. Invoke-RestMethod can do some automatic JSON parsing Invoke-WebRequest can't.. although that can be accomplished by piping a JSON response to ConvertFrom-Json....

The module system seems a mess compared with that of other languages.

And how functions return values the notion of “convoluted” seem like a mighty good thing.

But, well, my employer runs a Microsoft-based shop. I've worked around that with Cygwin to get things done in more sensible, unix-y ways. But somewhere along the line they're going to want things Microsoft centric so they can maybe make heads and/or tails out of the things I've done, pass it along my eventual replacement, and so on.

That Bill Gates is one of the richest people in the world (or is he the richest? I lost track...) is pretty much all you need to know about how massively fucked up this species is.