I've a son by your name

Mike waxed thoughtful on engagement matters that have come up from time to time in these parts:

Since I left Wordpress it has come of a bit of a shock because we get used to wanting “likes” and “comments” and we expect that our likes translate to something but they really don't. Someone clicks the like button because they do it. Not because they really like what you have written or can relate to it. When you leave all that behind for the brave new world of just creating content for its own sake, there are some dizzy moments. We are kind of conditioned to want the pluses and the hearts and the comments. I do like when someone thinks enough to comment on my post. I've felt at least then there is some attraction because someone takes the time to do a bit of creating themselves

It's not what The Cool Write.As Kids dream of how it should work (you know who you are!), but this crazy old tried and true method of responding to inline quotes works like a belovedly clunky charm for this old man.

Ack... I just can't resist:

            this old man
            he posts too
         he posts blog posts
            just for you
          with a click hack
            chatty smack
        live in the blog zone
            this old man
           avoiding chrome

But then October kicks in and the road opens up and I leave the edge for a long time. Time in Taiwan and Philippines and the US. Then on to the Middle East. My take is I must do the things. So much to see in different corners of the world that I have not. Now I have the moments to do it. I have all the flights and hotels booked up through landing back in Phnom Penh in June 2020 and I even have another airbnb booked for then. After that, I know not.

I don't even care for traveling off the street I live on, but all the more power too ya connecting big global dots, Mike!

I have not had someone in my life for 10 years.

I can't say I'm free of envy.

I do know that what I want from blogging and writing and creating content is not tied any longer to whether someone likes or promotes or even reads this puny attempt. I would not know now if someone nodded or shook their head. It’s like someone waved the magic wand at blogging like I waved the wand to leave two years ago. I just decided. And I waited. Perhaps suffered a bit. But then the future lit up and became today. So did blogging. It has lit up to today. A brave new world where it all matters again. No instagrams stories here. No twitter fame. No pins. Only the words lining up. And I like it so much.

I still can't say I'm used it seeming to words what being under water is to audio.

I’m even writing this post offline in IAwriter on my iPhone 11. There is a future. Just don’t wait for it to do the things. It will be too late.

It'll always be too late for something for there not being enough time for everything, so probably the best strategy is to accept it will be too late for lots of things, while grateful for what there was time for.