It's so fine.. it's sunshine.. it's the blahhhhhhahawg

Such wondrous posts of late. Kinda wish I had more time for them. Or that I could believe spaces in which heaping words upon words led to something other than improved typing skills. And maybe it does for some. Or they're convinced of it, at least. But that “convinced”, well, I'm pretty familiar with the transient nature of seemingness of reality. Black and white (as one example of a duality of opposites) readily exchange places when inner motivations to “make it so” hit whatever magical threshold it is.

Alas, we've embarked upon additional worldly investment, which I'm fully in favor of. But it'ssa gonna take much time/focus/effort, especially with full-time jobs still under foot – not to mention covid complications.

So dang all the wonderful stuff I've love to be inline quoting to beat the posting band! Not that there isn't room for trickles, of course. Some of the recent posts clearly deserve much more attention, blog dang it.

> The manner of Mr Floyd's killing was horrendous, and the > officers involved should face the full force of the law; > that I do not disagree with.

Do you not disagree with their facing the full force of acquittal if a jury of peers decides fentanyl – which would implicate Mr. Floyd (unless someone else forced him to take it, of course) – was the actual killer?

> I simply do not accept the argument that all black people > are the victims of circumstances beyond their control.

Those demanding you accept said argument aren't interested in your opinion. Either fall in line with everything they say, or you're racist. Period.

> The black lives matter agenda may have its place in > America, but in the UK it risks creating divisions where > none existed before.

Given agenda tendencies, it's probably mostly lots of selfish people banding together under trite, mob-ly-murmured guilting and/or judgemental phrases to blackmail/coerce something for nothing of under threat of louder and/or more frequent repetition of such phrases, “cancelling”, and (increasingly) physical destruction/violence, i.e. classic “give us what we want regardless why, or else”... and <takes a big typing breath> people hoping to improve the appearance of their public righteousness/wokeness by being seen/heard to oh-so-sanctimoniously murmur along.

I can't think of a time the phrase “by their deeds ye shall know them” has so blatantly come into its own....