In where I was born.. lived a blog.. that failed to spree

Reading about old favorite baseball players. I was an Orioles fan as a kid, and the 1960s/1970s were a good time for that (acknowledging that their success were probably the main factor in attraction that direction). The pitching staff.. the Robinson's.. The Boog. They didn't make that shitty gum in the baseball card packs any fresher, but whatev.

Absolutely perfect sunny morning in progress, after a fabulous day with wife, brother, and sister-in-law outdoors of a winery that had some wonderful outdoor furniture on grass. Interesting kids and dogs in that space. A Greyhound, even. Human females with degrees of Greyhound abdomen. Ah, the shit that comes to mind amidst copious quantities of good craft beer....

<next day>

Super busy day despite being off work. We rented a U-Haul to acquire furniture pieces from one of my wife's sisters (who restores such), as well as a bed from one of her daughters. Things went mostly right, the notable exception being a “Jimmy Johns” (food chain) delivery that took on the order of 90 minutes to arrive, causing my wife and I to have to eat it in the truck on the way back to town instead of enjoying it with family, as there was a time limit on the truck, and we had two arduous delivery stops to make.

While we were gone, roofers completed the job, and the tree people removed some bushes. So, progress on many fronts!

“All mental is illness” feels more prescient by the day, especially subtitled with “and words are the contagion”.

I mean, it's no wonder the world got so much worse during the continuing plague also known as The Internet....