I'm so hot for blog, I'm so hot for blog, I'm so hot for blog, but it's so old

> For the past few months I've taken the occasional glance > at this cobweb in my windowsill.

And I, the mobweb on my screen....

> So, count myself as one of the guilty parties to > be a living, eating, breathing, sentient machine of > Treasury-to-Big-Tech money siphoning components, as I am > as guilty as any(every)one else. Because I am just another > sucker in the Ponzi Scheme of Big Economics.

The vast majority of “Big Tech” offerings are so laughably optional (except to those imagining otherwise, of course..) that I can't see blaming BT's bio-innards for being consummately human, i.e. screwing others to seemingly benefit them”selves”.

I mean, I just spent some time looking for a BT gun pointed at my head, and just plain couldn't find one....

> Creating a false narrative

I've some bad news: all narratives are false inasmuch as the underlying ineffability obviously couldn't consist of strings of carefully arranged words.

So, if/when ready to lose one's false narratives misery, do so by losing all narratives – especially the inner one that somehow magically never considers itself false....

> After the realization something clicked in my head: > I just decided that was not a behaviour I wanted to > practice anymore.


(ALSO: “Look mom! Still no BT gun!”)

> Don't jump on to the assembly line of productivity just for > the sake of productivity. Don't believe that everything > you do needs to be practical or useful or serious. Don't > feel the need to get more done.

Damn, this place is teeming with great online-related advice, today!

> I find that, for now at least, multiple semi-anonymous > outlets is a greater truth, more authentic and more > sincere, than if I were out proclaiming myself and my > awesomeness on twitter. Why is that? Is identity through > social media now so fake and constructed and corporate > and performative that it is in fact a place of radical > inauthenticity? How is it that a little small stakes > anonymity allows for something that feels so much more > real and more authentic?

Because so-called “real” identity is but a rather tight dream such that the multiple, semi-anonymous thing effective loosens the more singular straightjacket....