I'm posting to you.. where did you blog?

> Funny how something as simple as a cron job in the cloud > can surprise you.

Love that sentence!

> Bubblegum showed me that love is not finite and that it > doesn't matter what hardships you've seen you can still > radiate joy. Thank you for letting us be your people > mister. We love you Bub.

My condolences....

> I recant (if I am in a position to recant something?) the > previous blog post, and it is now deleted. I don't > necessarily feel that way on a long-term basis – I > was just letting off some steam. I actually am confident > most of the time, and have been doing my best to remain > “chipper” despite prolonged periods of quarantine, > etc etc.

It read mostly philosophic, with strong undercurrents of honesty. And, as usual, super well-written.

In fact, to me it was the epitome of compelling blog post – author about author, fourth wall be damned, etc.

I mean, of course that too can become tiring when incessant. But to me that sort of thing from time to time connotes significant overall author cred.

Bonus points: “Life is a series of immediate and inescapable consequences” is a wonderful take on the relentlessness of time.

> However, I have lately found some sort of comfort > in watching 24/7 live streams on Explore.org. ( > [https://explore.org/livecams](https://explore.org/livecams) > )

Oh my... am I staring at the future of most of my screen time?

> – Family. Ohhhh. This one is fraught with memory and > fault and blame. Why do we move so heavily on blame in > America with family? Shadows of it’s your fault. You > did this. You caused her to do this and that.

Comparison with theoretically perfect individuals – if not with delusions of a self sans much conveniently forgotten about it.