I'd like to cmake it with you

> Use ninja with cmake

For the love of the prolivolution of build tools!

> Interesting read on the age old problem of distraction. It > is just made worse now with all of our digital devices > clamoring for our attention.

People do seem to be convinced they've no choice but to obey what they theyselves have made their digital master.

> I headed towards Locking and Green Pastures near to what > used to be Weston Airfield, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, > UK. With no real idea in mind I'd see if anything > worthwhile presented itself to me.

Totally worth the effort. Thank you!

> Remember the last kind gesture someone did for you, no > matter how small. What was it? How did it make you feel?

My manager acknowledged in Teams chat the joy I find in connecting not necessarily obviously connected dots – without denigrating it to the status of some sort of evidence of having attained unto kookhood.

> Respond to the prompt here.

And possibly lose referential context? Or become subjected to undisclosed tracking? Or... be eaten by the Cookies Monster...?

<inner wavy visual lines morphing to memories of the days when online textural interaction was simply and innocent exactly merely that>

> First snow in 2020

Mmmm... such a tough contrast to top!

So... turns out I was merely fear-magining having driven my cherished correspondents away.

<wrings sweat from his asymmetrically grey/black eyebrows>