I word you to sleep, after the bloggin'.. with a post I wrote just this day

Performed some minor hi jinx at another bloggish site, a bit of a workaround to the fact their post deletion path is broke.

Feeling super good. Got in a shower after the treadmill, got with some tasty nummies and coffee, kept the “Available” light lit in MS Teams for work, learned from a wife text message she's being considered for a better position.

Classic “the difference a day makes” zone.

The aforementioned position would make it a lot easier for me to quit my full-time job, favoring scaling down to more like 20 hours/week (they'd have to agree), and eventually be done with it in favor of glorious mind-clearing menial labor including chores and shopping for here, handling most of the Airbnb work, and maybe freebie guitar/vocal gigs at the likes of whatever senior centers would have me if masked. There's gotta be a few people like me out there with enough 60s/70s/80s/90s hits familiarity to rather enjoy what I do.

Even masked smiles would do.

Then again, I've been sensing degrees of both appetite and weight loss without trying. I suppose being so much busier with the second house might explain it.. maybe those couple cigarettes here and there? But, well, at favorable gimmes seem to be inversely proportional to age, so I've pockets of pins and needles whilst sailing toward that doctor visit in early May.

Will I mind dying?

Well... kind of a stupid question given the difficulty of proving there'd be anything left to be minding anything. You know? As far as I can tell, what dies/stops is the illusion of being an individual – part of which illusion is the sense of free will, thoughts, etc. It's just plain one of those self-referential situations difficult to mentally unwind, especially given how deep the recursive thought stack seems at this point....