I want... you... to blog me

> In the book, Snyder derides — it feels to me that he > derides — the internet. But really I think it is what > we have optimized the internet for — monetization and > consumerism — that is the issue. How we can we start to > optimize for resiliency and collaboration? What's required > for that?

The problem isn't “the internet” any more than the problem is, for example, “guns”.

The problem is the constituency.

And to answer your question more directly, what's required is a fuckload of ego death.

> I mean shouldn't companies be about putting people to > work? Providing income, enriching livelihoods, making > the world a better place? How can an insular, introverted > media service improve anyone's life outside of the rare > few who are RUNNING that service?

Could it be any other way for a species whose members can seemingly ever live only – or at least vastly primarily – for themselves?

In other words, although you're positing a way better scenario, it just so happens to not be possible for humans addicted to so stifling a notion of individuality. So good luck hoping/wishing for groups of people (e.g. “companies”) to collectively behave any better than their individual parts/members.

“Me first” necessarily implies “all others second or less”.

> Why is Bitcoin Suddenly so Popular? > > I’m not going to pretend to know. I’m sure there is > answer, but I don’t know it.

It's actually quite simple: enough egos concluded it could increase their wealth and/or statue and/or power, so of course they're all off to see the bonanza wizard.