I tried write.as, and got so far.. but in the end, it's only reads that matter

> More will be said when there is more to be said :)

Now there's an attitude out of sync with the spirit of the internets as understood by the murmuring masses! ;–)

> Is This the End of Big Tech?

The far more important question is: “When will it be the end of big human stupidity?”

“Big tech” is like “capitalism” in that (some) people whine/complain there's something wrong with “capitalism”. But in fact there is no such thing as an active agent: it's merely an appearance atop the sum of the behaviors of stupid humans. Changing the stupidity changes the behavior, which in turn changes how it all seems/appears at higher, “emergent” levels.

So you wanna change “big tech”? Educate people to not be so fucking stupid as to rush to embrace privacy-invading, manipulative technology.

Alternatively, wait until 666 times the duration of eternity for assholes to magically become interested in reforming themselves out of their asshole-hood....

> This content has served a purpose of dividing us > into groups and making us so well-defined as thinkers > that we no longer think. Instead, our groups think for > us. Nuance is destroyed. Critical thinking a thing of the > past. Technological tribalism rears its ugly head. The > internet has offered us the easiest way to remove ourselves > from this tribal trap, and yet the ‘powers that be’ > seem to have used it to trap us even further.

As above, the “content” and “powers that be” are atop the sum of collective stupidity. The same “content” has no power over intelligent beings, and the power of the “powers that be” evaporates in the presence of collective intelligence.

> I find myself craving silence more and more. > ... > I feel this way not just on audible noises, but > the written word as well.