I think it's Tuesday

> What are Democrats planning to do after they take away > our guns?

That's waaaaaaaay too easy: blame old white males for the ensuing chaos!

> Mind you, I rarely go back and read these notebooks, > but I definitely like to keep them anyway. Fun to do.

Yes. And yet, like pretty much everything for me, whatever isn't “on top” or “in front” no longer exists, so the only useful strategy for me is to never have more than a single layer of anything I might need or want to remember.

> Now I sit in my room at 730am and its rainy in Narita > Japan. I can look out at the airport. That’s how close > the hotel is. Last night I got in around 9pm here and > got settled and was a bit hungry and thirsty so found the > hotel coffee shop and partook of French fries and a few > draft beers. A little more expensive but who is really > counting. I had two delightful flights and the food was > really good on both airlines. Vietnam Airlines does really > nice for people on longer flights and Cathay Pacific treats > everyone with respect.

So fun to follow along, Mike. Thank you!

Slowly sipping me some brandy, partner on the treadmill, relieved I was merely imagining a few interpersonal disasters at work (which can come with the “working remotely” territory).