I see an uproar and I want it painted blog

<a couple days ago>

> Those are just “dumb animals”, though. What > do THEY know? They probably don't even have a bank > account! (joking)

Never mind ongoing proof of wokeness also known as identity identification with The Right Political Party™!

(I can't help it... fucking species is just so fucking fucked that it's guaranteed madness to ponder for even half a second....)

> yo fuck bill gates .

Finally some poetry in this place! ;–)

(sheesh... can't remember what bug was up my ass that day...)


> But to the extent, continual, and ongoing blog posts, > I guess they kinda/sorta assist with my mental > health. Journaling has proven to be effective in > that regard. Sort of a self-prescribed therapy. So, > it continues.

I've had a love affair with typing since a high school typing class going back to the late 1970s....

> There is no permanence, no stability, no status quo. Give > it a moment and it fades. > > Just like life on this park bench.

It occurs to me stillness is a sort of minimalism.

> After musing about the command > line as another interface via [Matt > Webb](http://interconnected.org/home/2021/02/25/pagers), > I am reminded of a recent project from Omar Rizwan called > [TabFS](https://omar.website/tabfs/):

Holy shit, how cool!