I read the code today, oh boy

> andcamp(.com), and one I don't remember listening to > was Lifvsleda, a Swedish (or Norwegian, cannot remember) > Black Metal band, so now I am listening (on Bandcamp). Not > too bad.

Different topic (although I'm sure anyone could see how it might have been provoked), but I wound up with some black ice on the back patio after finally clearing the foot and a half of snow on it.

> Then, I continually get a “command not found” error.

Don't have time to wade through discuss.write.as boards, but is this open source code? If so, what language(s)? What environment does it run in?

Just wondering, because if it's open source, I'd be looking for whatever the languages provide to run commands, find as many instances of such as possible in the code (e.g. via “grep”, some combination of “find” and “grep”), and place whatever the language's “print to stdout” mechanism is to be writing out unique messages that rather stand out so maybe you luck out and can correlate whatever the last message you see before the “command not found” error. Might take a bit of iterating, because of course the code might be elusively creative in how it runs commands, but... well, then you might be able to pinpoint the name of the command, at least.. dig for where it lives.. investigate why whatever combination of OS and user mechanisms leads to an insufficiently robust “here's where we'll be looking for commands” that....

-OR- you could become sane and never bother with software again.... ;–)