I like Writeallica

> What is worse, in my opinion, is that in today's political > climate, this is a vicious cycle we can't escape even in > real life: media are using the same “click-baiting” > techniques, while politicians take advantage of people's > gut reactions in their own perpetual political campaigns, > as hate feeds itself and society suffers.

No one ever said pretending to be something we're not would be easy....

> I always loved the old heavy metal bands, as I have been > listening to them since 1990 (when I was 7).

I somehow never quite got there. I'm not even remembering its vital attributes, come to think of it.

Did “Round and Round” by Ratt qualify? I recall really liking that song.

Similar time frame (I think), something called “Fly To Angels” (I think) by Slaughter.

Motley Crue's (sp?) “Without You” comes to mind....

Again, no idea if any of that fits whatever definition of “metal”.