I am, I blogged!

> I want to have some semblance of health when I get older, > so I don't eat dead animals.

But isn't eating dead animals healthier than smoking? ;–)

> I am just perusing this (not distinct) possibility for > my own amusement. And what I mean by a “write-only” > Internet is if I were to use the Internet for blogging, and > e-mails, and texting (because I use Signal, which requires > data (the Internet)), and NOT surfing the Internet. Like, > ever. > > Right now I read R.w.a (which I quite enjoy), and keep > up with things on Feedly (which I also quite enjoy), and > that's about all. I sometimes surf from link to link from > stuff put in blog posts, but that's it. So sort of surfing > in the shallows. A small body of water – a wave pool.

Same here. And I love the term “write-only internet”, as it helps remind me where the bulk of the joy lies.

> It is the only way we can be freed from the brutality of > this system.

We are the brutality. Systems merely reflect it. Don't blame the cart for where the horse winds up taking it.

> So, this has been a long-winded attempt of me trying to > say: trust your gut feelings, and don't believe everything > you read.

But... then.... :–)

> The blog is blank, for now, but I will fill it with > writings from me from over the years, and see if anyone > like it/them.

<rubs hands together excitedly>


> Anyway, if I can port my #, I might. Won't lose sleep > over it. Point is: I have WiFi, I have a computer. That > won't change. So, there we go :)

I've been a happy “Republic Wireless” customer for many years. I do their cheapest plan, and pay it by the year, which I believe winds up meaning getting 12 months for paying for 10 months. Heart.

> but another colleague of color

Are we ever going to be done with the blatant racism of making a person's skin color so important that talking about them is impossible without referring to it – not to mention essentially emphasizing it when it's the only attribute mentioned?

> The situation is dire. To protect the republic, Americans > must make strengthening democracy their top political > priority, using it to guide the leaders they select, > the agendas they support, and the activities they pursue.

Americans won't do that unless/until they become less selfish, which means focusing on purely concepual non-entities like “the republic” or “democracy” is merely distraction/escape from the inward work that really matters.