How will I know.. if.. loves me?

> Knowing others is intelligence; > knowing yourself is true wisdom.

And what of knowing there are neither?

> I remember that being spoken by Paul Ruben (as Pee Wee > Herman) in Pee Wee's Big Adventure. Still my second > favorite movie of all time (just after The Unforgiven).

I can't put it that high because I'm like eighty million times older than you, but it would probably wind up in my... oh, maybe top 50?

My favorite remains “The Family Man” (Nicolas Cage). I nearly stop breathing for laughing so hard in a solid score of places in that flick, despite having seen it scores of times.

In some Maybe This Really Is Just A Dream news, we've been watching a show from India named precisely “The Family Man” as well, with extremely good English voice-overs, and it's hilarious in its own ways, whilst bringing home lotsa drama bacon. The lead character just kills me in what I want to call the deadpan bullshit artist zone.