Hey, you've got to hide your.. brain a-way

The morning after a fun day with younger relatives.

It was marred a bit by the behavior of the grandchildren, which alarmed even my wife as way too much ego in the mix for their ages. Maybe I've just been out of the child-rearing game too long, but they seemed to like hurting and/or humiliating each other beyond what I was remembering as “normal”. And, my <deity>, when they'd start feeling sorry for themselves, the world was literally ending. I even said to the youngest at one point, “Hey, if you're trying to have a crying contest with me, think again, because I'm the absolute best at it!” That brought a little bit of a smile, but I was honestly approaching wits end at trying to pry him out of his fairly obnoxious display of self-pity.

It all made sense in a way, though, as my wife's daughter is an extremely busy nurse, and the father, well, seems well-nigh useless but for his he-man job, and occasionally grunting out a word of agreement/affirmation.

(Heh... chuckling now because as I was about to type “the kids are waaaaay out of their league”, I suddenly realized that's likely the case here, where I likely seem inept relative to young-ins sensibilities and/or screen skills/blog-social-protocol(s)-understanding....)

> Cancelled myself – don't want to add to the > conversation. My fault.

Aw, shucks!

> It's just interesting to watch these kinds of movies, and > it displays where we thought we'd be by now. But yet, here > we are, experiencing what-is, and noticing how different > we are from where we thought we'd be. Plus, noticing how > pathetic we are as humans, and what silly things we worry > about instead of expanding a unified consciousness.

As intelligence devolves to egoism, it seems a point of no return is reached at which learning above/beyond egoism is impossible, and all that's left is to be rent asunder, perhaps a few of the not-demonically-selfish surviving to try, try again in an environment hopefully cleansed of said irrevocable devolution.

> Do we really need digital social networks?

Those who do, do? And those who don't, don't? And so there's really no singular “we” to which such a question could possibly reasonably apply?