Hey there, average Joe and/or Josephine!

> one skyscraper reflected in the windows of another > skyscraper

Gots to admit loving the timing, having so recently posted about reflections of a more sonic nature....

Pretty good work day, here.

Not that I did a whole of a lot of it, mind you.

But I did what I felt rose to the level of the pay.

I know.. I know.. I'm the first person you've ever heard of doing such an integrity-less thing....

The way I'm thinking of it, today, is we all need to do our part keeping others honest. And sometimes it's the “big boys” that could use a little draining of their swamp, no?

See, this is the kind of thing “progressive” types can't seem to get through their hyper-idealist skulls: that people aren't going to behave ideally, thus rendering their hyper-idealist plans/programmes the cock of poppies.

And what I'm describing today is just barely scratching the surface of what humans will do if/when they think no one is looking.

It's actually rather humorous they're so beside themselves for having been beaten by a guy so accurately representing the behavior of their worst nightmare: a typical American talking the talk whilst crocking the walk....

<pretends to cry big crock-of-shit-odile tears>