Hey Mister Monday blogman, type a blog for me

> Is there something about a smaller user base and > topic-based structure that creates different conversations?

Conversations? What's that?

> Like any other introvert, I explore the world while in > my head.

More than a little why I'm anxious to read whenever I see another of your installments.

> Few people see the world as I do, and only I see it exactly > as I do. That's why I treasure those few people I can > connect with about my passions. Those people allow me > to share what's in my head—my true self—and in those > moments I feel comfortable stepping outside of myself.

Lucky you (inasmuch as I imagine “Few” has to be better than “No”).

> Then I’ll know that I’ve come all around. Will I go > again to those states? I am not sure. There is truly > nothing for me to grasp there. My spirit and soul slips > through and will ignite passion and wonder down so many > side streets and alleys. Nothing to miss when there is > nothing there. The edge holds all the cards.

And yet mind holds – yea, creates the modeling of – the edge.

So how did it matter where the body was?

Might a (while sleeping) dream been as convincing? As meaningful? As though?