Here comes, doot 'n doo doo

> welcome to Earth, Baby “N”! :)


Gorgeously cold night in these parts. Walking out for

<next morning>

(yes, the above honestly did simply end there)

> As I mentioned yesterday, I am writing daily on my > []( I will be using that > site for day to day posts, photographs, and my moments > in Vietnam.

I'd not complain were there a slightly better “talent” to “other” ratio in the photographs sector. :–)

> I also enjoy very much I am not gonna give > up either, take either down, or delete content.

<wipes the pre-relief tension from his forhead with an empty, warm, dry Pabst bottle>

> A lot of folks may find that sort of stuff fun, but I see > it as a hassle, lol!

<seconds the hassle characterization>

> And there are no guarantees in life. No guarantees that > people will be read, or make friends, or have a post go > viral, or make a change in the world, or even a drop of > difference. But if you do or don't, this is a sanctuary.

It really does seem like something that shouldn't be happening given how things usually go – a communicative-people-fortuitous blip in the “Simulation™”, if you will.