<guitar> You say it's your blogday <guitar> it's my blogday too, yeah

> Ignoring all political news is a given. Have a wonderful > day or night. Be assured I am sitting by west lake in > Hanoi not thinking too much about Trump or the election > he lost. Losers will lose. How they deal with it matters.

It would be a lot easier to ignore if others would stop bringing it up....

> In other words: Welcome To 37! :)

Hey! Congrats!

> 17 was also the year I quit smoking cigarettes for a > year. Let's not do that one again ;) Incidentally, it was > also the year I quit...everything. Smoking (as much) pot, > LSD, shrooms, chewing tobacco, hard liquor, everything > besides the occasional few beers. But now, 20 years later, > I even gave THAT up (which I am quite proud of).

Good thing that these days there's such a healthy alternative, i.e. mainlining blogging.... :–)

> what else to do besides blog?

See? ;–)

> To gain access to the space, I will have to apply for > a medical intermission and label myself as 'mentally > struggling'.

I often wish I had access to such. But I seem to not be internally constituted to not work. Not that I like or enjoy it (of course I do at times..). But it's more that not working seems even worse. I can scarcely bring my”self” to take a sick day, even when three overdue projects to the wind....