Gotta good reason... for taking the way out

> Don't use Google, use Duckduckgo. > > Don't use iMessage or SMS or FaceTime or WhatsApp, > use Signal. > > Don't use Zoom, use Jitsi. > > Don't use Twitter, use Mastodon. > > Don't use Youtube or Vimeo, use Peertube. > > For email, use Fastmail or Protonmail. > > Instead of Instagram, use Pixelfed. > > Instead of Facebook, talk to your friends. > > And if you're reading this, you're viewing the blogging > platform you should use:

Nice. But (Beatles reference in three.. two..) “the way things are going”, I think the first two words alone would have been even better.

The other day my wife reminded me of days when we spent some time hanging out and performing with one William Rottman, who at the time had just released a wonderful album containing this song called “Happy”.

I decided to queue it up a while ago, and was sadly astounded to see it's gotten only just over 7900 view since 2011.