Got race and/or gender?

The following is a fantastic example of why I tend to think Americans of the so-called “liberal” persuasion easily tend toward being complete idiots of near infinite blindness:

Title of article I chanced upon:

I Wanted to Know What White Men Thought About Their Privilege. So I Asked.

Accompanying article summary:

The author teaches a college class about what it means to be white in America, but interrogating that question as a black woman in the real world is much harder to do, she writes.

My issue is that back in the 1970s I slowly started becoming enlightened about race and gender, which to me means no longer attributing aspects of character/personhood to skin color and/or gonads.

And I made it. By 1985 I was living with guys not-my-skin-color, and by 1987 had married a woman not-my-race.

So what happens?

Along comes the so-called “aughts”, during which time being “woke” seems to mean being so obsessed with race and/or gender that one cannot speak of another person without prefixing the word 'person' with either a word indicating skin color, or a word indicating gender... and not just as a fact pertaining to their skin color and/or gonad specifics, but as though it necessarily says something about their person/character.

So, until that ridiculous fucking nonsense stops, um, HELLO DONALD....

I mean, both the title and the summary contain multiple examples of what I'm referring to. But probably the most glaring is “what it means to be white”.

Oh? “White” is a state being? I.e. “whiteness” of skin somehow sinks to the depths of person/self-hood, and is thus a meaningful determining factor?

Wake the goddamned motherfuck up so we can all start interacting with people, not different skin-colored and/or gendered people, because that shit's got nothing to do with their personhood... and I'm tired of hearing people pontificate long and self-righteously hard about the need to awaken along those lines, yet their language clearly belies the fact that down deep they still believe skin color and/or gender matters.......