Goooooooooolden blog posts fill your eyes

> It was the transition I loved and miss.

Beautiful. I could actually feel the place.

> Ignorance must be difficult. Difficult for those who are > ignorant. They just live in forever darkness, and may think > XYZ thing is this way, but little do they know, that XYZ > thing is actually that way. They'll always live a lie, > even if the lie itself is unbeknownst to them. Because > they're ignorant.

Oooh... that might be even better than how The Bible puts it, e.g.:

Having the understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart: – Ephesians 4:18

Of course, when it comes to ignorance, the most important thing is to know when/that other selves are more ignorant that oneself, if not point that should-be-obvious-fact out to/for others – you know, in case some ignorant other doesn't/can't/won't see it.

> Music is the thin, vibrating line between me and insanity, > many days.



Productive day. Work was a bit of a joke for Microsoft Windows Reasons. The infrastructure team was all proud of itself for setting me up with a “workstation”, which (being far more unix-y) I couldn't imagine being single user. But lo and behold, if you want multi-user, you must use Microsoft Server.

So here I thought I had me a place where I could set up some nice command line utilities for others for them logging into a common account.. but, no.. “F” no. Not only would they have to take turns signing in/out, but I can't even do development on that machine from one account while seeing how it would work from others from a lesser (permission'd) account without staggering logging fully in/out of the twain accounts, losing any/all setup in the process each direction.

I mean, I've had multi-user Linux accounts on my own machines ONLY SINCE THE MID 1990s... and now I'm expected to do interesting things in a single user environment?

I definitely need to hone my attitude in the direction of just plodding along with little to no emotional investment, there. They're just utterly clueless with respect to what it takes to do serious “integrations”, and the security-fear-mongering head of infrastructure will basically quash any movement that direction.