Good posts, bad posts, you know I've had my share

Gosh, last night was a blast.

After after work, a brief walk together in some serious winter-grade chill. Then a few more bathroom rennovation subtasks. Then dinner. Then a few more subtasks. Then three hits off a joint from a legal shoppe purchased sometime in the summer.

And holy fucking shit did the fabric of reality itself suddenly do a little dance, make a little love, and get holy fuck tonight, get holy fuck tonight.

After that, such a fun time reading mystical shit, addressing munchies, and some rather barn-burning, ummm... relations en route to paying the sandman his due.


The renovations were rather low-grade compared to the real, previously gnawed meat of said matter. But it was all the gas I had left in the thank. So there was the stick-on floor trim, a new shower curtain holder, and one of those metal separators one nails in between carpeted and uncarpeted areas.

Just kind of typing my way through one of those pre-meeting work dead zones. I'm the host, quite prepared, and thus really want to get on with it. I'm soooo not good at waiting.

It occurs to me maybe that's a huge, subconscious motivation to blog for me?

And not that it's always work-related. Anyone with a significant other knows how half-of-forever they can be/seem about getting/being ready for a couples activity. So I think it's rather often the majority of the tongues of fire licking the underside of my what-to-do-next pot are of “when in doubt, write a post” ilk.