Ghostly meanderings about the house at an atypically early hour

> I don’t know why I can’t stop thinking about getting > the turntable.

The momentum – aka seemingly increased/increasing re-ality – of thoughts re-peated?

> Right now I am listening to The Smiths on this playlist > and really enjoying it.

No wonder it's Wednesday, [and] I'm in love!

> Excerpts from Thomas Merton's “The Other Side Of > Despair” > >> If in practice the function of organized religion turns >> out to be nothing more than to justify and to canonize the >> routines of mass society; if organized religion abdicates >> its mission to disturb man in the depths of his conscience, >> and seeks instead simply to “make converts” that will >> smilingly adjust to the status quo, then it deserves the >> most serious and uncompromising criticism.

Wow. And so applicable to online “institutions”, right down to single posts seeking “converts” (aka clickks/views) instead of “to disturb [readers] in the depths of [their] consciences”....

Ain't it amazing how asleep woke can be?

> Kierkegaard on being something > >> If you want to be well off and yet easily manage to >> become something, then forget God, never let yourself >> really become aware, never let it become really clear >> to you that it is he who has created you from nothing; >> proceed on the presupposition that a human being does not >> have time to waste on keeping in mind the one to whom he >> infinitely and unconditionally owes everything. ... Forget >> it and be noisy along with the crowd, laugh or cry, be >> busy from morning until night, be loved and respected and >> esteemed as a friend, as a public official, as a king, >> as a pallbearer. Above all be an earnest person by having >> forgotten the one and only earnestness, to relate yourself >> to God, to become nothing.

Oh, Søren! Must you so prophetically castigate the modern memetically murmuring masses?

> Have you ever observed how our mind reacts to the situation > when we are uncomfortable or at the time when we feel about > the person we are talking to seems more intelligent than > us? We start to think about ourselves as not worthy to be > extroverts or to share what we feel at that moment. The > fear grows inside and outside we become the index of life > that teaches us how to adapt.

Last night my partner and I were pondering related matters with respect to a “micro bookclub-ish” discussion we had the night before that on a section of a chapter of a book, noting that while we experienced standard “confirmationist” moments of agreement, we learned much more about our otherwise generally unrevealed biases in moments of disagreement/conflict – while, of course, straining to remain “civil”.

> The Smiths are up again. Never been a huge fan of them, > but this playlist has made me a mini-fan. Good stuff!

I personally discovered them back in the late 1990s, and bought all their CDs available at that point.

<mental note to whip out “Wild Mood Swings” again, soon>