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<last night>

Beautiful day!

Work was a bit pitiful for having to be so Microsoft Windows oriented per my employer's – in my mind – poor choice of tech infrastructure. I spent over half my day trying to make something work therein that I could have accomplished in less than 15 minutes in a genuinely productive computing environment. So instead of basking in functional accomplishment, I'm once again cursing the day Bill Gates was born for what could most kindly be described as guaranteeing an environment in which Occam's Razor couldn't possibly have a place to rest its well-meaning head.

<next day>

> I recently joined a Meetup group that gathers online > to write. We're all muted, but some of us have cameras > on. We're writing together, apart.

Huh. That sounds like something I might have enjoyed earlier in life. You know, to meet wom.. I MEAN TO REFINE MY WRITING SKILLS.... <coughs>

> He discovered it quite by accident when he was 22 years > old, and he would carry the guilt with him for the rest > of his life.

22 has wiggled itself to prominence in my life a few times. It was the exact street number of one house I owned/lived. It was the first two numbers of the street number of another. And of course it's one shy of Robert Anton Wilson's hyper-magickal 23.

> Cleanliness is next to blogliness ;)


> Anyway, that was a tangent. A tangent is much preferable > to a day with no writing. See you tomorrow.

Sure... impress us with your trigonometry! :–)

Pretty much a standard issue morning so far: the usual readying for work. Maybe just a couple extra dabs to do me given the need to be on camera today. Loving the homemade pizza leftovers at the moment. Watching coworkers arrive in “Teams”.

Go, day... go!