Fry day mourning glory beads

Before I dive into several fascinating topics in ways that leave you somewhere between breathless and – as the Trump hater you most likely are – willing to vote for Trump (if – and this is totally hypothetical, peoples! – that's what it took to keep me from packing up my keyboard and leaving..), I must exhale a meaningful sigh of relief to experience the return of tmo. His “hiatus” (is it just me, or does that word sound a bit like “I hate us”?) was not unlike when a video you're enjoying freezes, and you're sooner than your unreasonably high opinion of yourself will let you believe you could become all what the fuck 'n shit, quickly en route to the very precipice of “no... No... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!”

So, anyway.

By the way, I fibbed about the fascinating topics and ways I might adorn them. I'm basically just typing because I love typing, and doing so happens to fit the moment here on the home front. Whether it's at all fascinating is utterly irrelevant, especially given I'll not even remember what “” was in a couple years – not for anything about, but I never cease to be amazed by how quickly something that seems important – if not vital – soon enough fades to bleh, and then to wherever memories go to die.

> One downside I've already noticed with this new Facebook > account, is that my mind was already distracted as soon > as I woke up. I kept wondering about Facebook, Facebook, > Facebook. Did my friend accept my friend request? Did > someone comment on my post? Are people now visiting my > personal website via links I shared on Facebook?

I mean.. same here, right? Is this endeavor not mostly re-presentation of the idea of one's self with the hope of palpable appreciation thereof?

So the issue isn't Facebook (or the internet in general). It's self-ishness.

In case you're not convinced, do note that 16% of the words in that paragraph are some form of “I” or “my”.

One might say Facebook is merely an above-average ego amplifier (not to mention ego scapegoat).