For the love of casual text

Kudos to here-is-distant-is-distant for this heads up on the coming casual membership phase out.

My first inner reaction was to rent a stuffy, who-the-fuck-wore-this-last Chicken Little costume from which to post pseudo-philosophic, loose sky chunk gibberish with a title of “Death, taxes, and online services bait and switch”.

But then I went to the beach, showered, had some dinner, and read the official notification during a second glass of wine, and realized I'm just basically an idiot, as, despite my occasional whining about the deep space vacuum nature of this place most of the time, I've had a fabulous time here, appreciate the hell out of, and am grateful to see current casual members can continue on in that role.

(Not that that too couldn't be rescinded somewhere down the line. But there seems sufficient enlightenment in the powers that be the bedrock of this place to not sweat that too porefusely.)