Every time that I look in read.write.as.. all these posts on my screen getting clearer

> “I am” specifically in a spiritual sense. > > Is there a word for...

Words might be likened to a layer of diarrhea seemingly defining – not to mention hiding – a surface of wordlessness.

Don't believe me? Then why do we say someone with lots of words flowing from the mouth has “diarrhea of the mouth”?


(Yes, I realize that makes this diarrhea of the fingers....)

> And, if I didn't lease an apartment, I would go back to > this way of living. Why own cookware? Why own an easy > chair? Why own anything to furnish a space, if there > isn't a space to furnish? Or a space that belongs to you > (me)? Beds exist, chairs exist, cookware exists, random > odds and ends exist – so just use those for whatever > hotel, or hostel or whatever it is you happen to be > staying.

I could be wrong, but I suspect the state of ones estate, so to speak, is at least remotely connected to where The Semen™ regularly winds up....

Okay, another fine day everywhere but on the screen. Bought a mid-range Stratocaster yesterday. Should arrive today. Very much excited. Probably dig the three-channel looper out of semi-retirement in its honor.

More progress at the rental. Down mostly to keyless locks, and finishing touches. We've already four bookings.

Also moved the lyrics acquisition-and-display project forward after it hit me my curl http GET requests were probably being rejected for not including a “user-agent:” header on the call, 'cuz she's been workin' like browserless gangbusters since adding that.

But I'm not going full-blown scraping, because we need only the songs we need.. and I'd also have to try to figure out the optimal GET pace to not set off scraping alarms. So/too much dicking.