Enter inquiryman

> You named a few decent 80's power ballads there, but not > what I would consider genuine metal. Motley, incidentally, > is my favorite band of all time but it was only after they > kicked Vince out (for several years) that they released a > true metal album. All depends on the listeners perspective, > of course.

I still don't know what “metal” is. :–)

However, I was massively impressed with the Metallica “black album” (did it even have a title?), with just the slightest whiff of complaint that I felt it had a noticeably “digital” sound to it, as in some combination of too precise, and maybe just slightly tinny.

But the songs and execution... oh my....

Still, if I had to choose between that and Garbage Version 2.0 en route to permanent residency on a desert island, it's not even close: I'd choose the latter with zero deliberation in a fraction of a heartbeat.

> one thing about having a thing for every month opening > a small blue notepad, taking a pen to jot and group > the latest transactions from HSBC then again into a > spreadsheet, is that I can see exactly how much I've ever > spent on beverages of the alcoholic variety. £5,342.

Well, gosh dang if the numeric aesthetica in me doesn't wish it were £5,432!

> Life is too short. We must always remember to live like > it's our last day on earth.

If not in write.as itself!

> As far as “things” go, I have nothing to donate > anywhere because I have so little things that I need all > of my things.

Oh c'mon, dude, surely you can part with that iPhone with the for-shit battery! ;–)

We watched a couple more episodes of “Jack Ryan” tonight. Compelling. It feels almost “Breaking Bad” grade in terms of the intensity of the drama. But then it's been years since watching that, so maybe those embers are too cool for reasonable comparison.

Had a couple glasses of my favorite white wine. Super pleasant buzz. Partner is working some online class. I'm wishing I had a cigarette. Just one. Foolishly burned too many of them around the pool table at the dive bar a couple nights ago. Now I probably have to wait until Friday to acquire more, which of course is almost certainly a good thing.

I had some damned fine scotch Sunday afternoon, the memories of its smokiness palpable on the tongue.