Drive by

Back from the wine bar, a couple more smokes, nipping delectable entropy morsels in their respective buds, zinc gargle, neti pot, homemade pizza cooling to perfections, wife on the phone in – are you listening, Pinnacle-of-Self-Righteousness-Cancel-Culture? – womanly ways.

I enjoyed our proprietor's post on monetizing writing in these parts. Not that the crap I burp, belch, and fart out is worth so much as a nano payment. But it's something I'd have possibly explored in the days of my youth when I was told what it means to be a man.

And, fucking hell, where'd tmo suddenly disappear to? I practically set my inner watch by his posts, and suddenly that well is void of H2O!

Shit. Looks like that link doesn't go anywhere any-tmo-re....