Drink scotch whiskey, all night long

Okay, work over. Waiting for partner to be ready for a walk. Alexa says it's 54F outside.

(54 is one of my favorite craps dice outcomes, come to think of it.)

Super pleasant walk. Actually chanced upon friends we'd otherwise probably be out carousing with. She was ill for over a month with something her doctor said wasn't corona, but she's not so sure. We kept out distance, and were outside in a reasonable breeze.

We also gargled with and swallowed some Glenfiddich for good measure. :–)

Found a ticket in one of my coat pockets to a graduation back in 2016. I suspect it was son #2's from college.

My manager and a coworker and I worked through some serious technical misunderstanding, today. Kind of satisfying, kind of not. Sometimes you have to settle for partial (which I suppose still beats a deluded full).

Sounds like dinner preparations underway a couple rooms away.

Damn, that was some good gargle....