Don't write a post for me now.. save it 'til the blog post after

Nicely productive Sunday.

(He says, suddenly embarrassed for having put 'nicely' before 'productive', despite having just this afternoon responded to the following positively:

> Don't jump on to the assembly line of productivity just for > the sake of productivity. Don't believe that everything > you do needs to be practical or useful or serious. Don't > feel the need to get more done.)

Snow removal at two places, a few old home indoors matters, one vehicle load of moving, set up the old DVD and VHS players to the new situation (soooooo happy to find a copy of my favorite – “The Family Man” – in the latter..), whatever else I'm not remembering.

<next day>

Well... weariess per said work caught up with me.

More snow. And it sounds like there will be even more.

Day off work, today – although I need to run one job after noting communication from the manager about a database restoration. Should be about mid-morning.

> the unrepentant passage of time

Yum! (as a phrase, not the unforgiving reality)

So crazy picturesque out there: snow icing upon plantlife cake.


Okay, got the one work job running. I forgot it's actually two, having broken it apart for better control over when to run its subtasks.

(Reminds me of an old engineer I once worked with who was fond of saying “nothing is simple”.)

(Is he still alive, even?)

(What fucking good is this fucking internet if I can't fucking figure that much out without undue heartache and/or misery?)