Doing an about facebook

> My journal entries are quite literally based off entries > on my journal. I'm not sure how to write journal entries > — about what happened to me, what I felt during the > day — without referring to myself in my writing. But I > suppose what you're saying is that all I can think about > is myself. For that I don't have an explanation, other > than to say, I wasn't like that before I created my new > Facebook account.

I wasn't focused on the magnitude of your thinking about yourself, just theorizing the agonizings you described experiencing while participating in Facebook were perhaps less rooted in anything about Facebook itself than in the act/process/practice of self focus, regardless the magnitude.

I don't doubt Facebook has done plenty of psychological homework, and will leverage whatever improves revenue regardless how it might, for example, tempt increased selve focus – which tends to be in the direction opposite any “enlightenment” wherein said “lightening” is of/from the burden of “self”.